Reinforcing is one of the world’s most used steel products and we at Greensteel offer a wide range of reinforcing materials for whatever job your planning to do.

We supply reinforcing and accessories including Reinforcing Steel Mesh, Straight, Cut or Bent Bar, Bar Chairs, Starter Bars, Corner Bars, Dowels, Trench Mesh, and Hardware.

We can organise delivery of your order, using one of our crane trucks, or pickups are welcome also.

To calculate the number of Mesh sheets required (6000 x 2400) for your job divide by 12.4.
An example is a slab 12Mtr x 4Mtr = 48 Sq Mtr. Divided by 12.4 = 3.8. A total of 4 sheets required.

To calculate the number of Trench Mesh sheets required for your job divide by 5.4.
An example is 15Mtr long trench divided by 5.4 = 2.7. A total of 3 trench mesh sheets required.

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